Sunday, January 31, 2010


For many of us with Chinese New Year just around the bend, making the trip back home can be a dreaded event especially for those who is going home to face the congregation of father, mother, grandparents, aunties, married cousins, nosy neighbours and the yee mahs and koo chays. We all face the inevitable question of when we're gonna get married every time we present ourselves back home. With so many concerned relatives asking us about our single lives its like facing the firing squad.

However if you wish to avoid the inevitable rounds of questioning, stay back in the city and celebrate with your other family, I am sure the local boys will happily accommodate you.

And if you're bored you can still drop by Mandi Manda. We are open throughout the Chinese New Year period. In fact we are open 365. From 14th February - 21st February, 2010 we will open at 2.00pm everyday.

We wishes everyone A Happy & Prosperous New Year. GONG XI FA CAI!