Wednesday, November 7, 2012

something new just for you

Some of you who had been to Mandi Manda recently may have noticed that we look different. We had embarked on a refurbishing exercise since 2011 and we are nearing completion of the various renovations and upgrading of facilities for your enjoyment. After all Mandi Manda is 7 years old coming into its 8th year of operation next month. It all started with a complete makeover of the dark areas aka LEVEL 69 and then the TV room complete with a brand new 42" LCD TV. Last week saw the addition of a new facility which we for now call it simply the misty rain room. We opted for fine sprays of water to minimize water usage and it's less irritating to the eyes. For the moment there's a limited operation hour as we test out the system. By end of this week we should have completely refurbished the toilets with a new look. We take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience during our refurbishment period and we hope you will enjoy the upgraded facilities.