Sunday, October 24, 2010


As promised as part of our 5 years Anniversary Celebrations & Rewards, inspired by Japanese pornography, we bring you the first masked + underwear party in Mandi Manda on 24.10.10. Its on every Sunday. Masked provided but be sure to bring your gorgeous Calvins, Aussiebums, 2xists, C in2s and Toots ya.

UPDATE: As of March 2011, masks no longer applies but undewear/swimwear event is ON.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Its been 5 long years serving thousands and thousands of men. I must say Mandi Manda owe it all to you guys. Time for CELEBRATION. And also REWARDS. Yes. We wanna reward you gorgeous guys for being with us for 5 long years. We wanna say "Thank you".
5 months of Celebrations & Rewards spread out over 5 months from mid October till February next year. What's in store? Vouchers, Free Passes, On the Spot Rewards are just some of the little things we are giving away. Much bigger rewards are in store. We are not revealing those yet. Its a surprise and to find out what they are, make a date at Mandi Manda.